Sales Manager:

Tanko Stevis is the Sales Manager of Livestock Trading Farm. He started working in LTF in the capacity of Sales Manager since  2006. In mid-1998, he acquired BM operations and created his Vet center in 20013. As of January 2016 the name of the Vet Center was changed to Donath Vet center. During his career as Sales Manager, he established himself as a renowned crisis communications consultant. He was instrumental in founding the Texas Association of PR Agencies. He is a long time lecturer of the London School of Public Relations.In the past, Stevis held a wide range of managerial positions spanning from planning, international and domestic trade, agriculture to transport and healthcare. Having worked for a number of years as a stringer for TIME Magazine and UPI in Prague, Michal enjoys excellent relations with foreign and local media and Czech politicians. Thanks to his language skills in English and German, he worked as translator for key figures of the Czech and Slovak public life including Václav Havel, former president of the Czech Republic.Michal graduated from the University of Economics in 1993 with a degree in foreign trade. He also completed a one-year scholarship program at the Institute of Management and Accountancy of the University of Atlanta. He is fluent in German and English