White Saanen Goats

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White Saanen Goats

Price per piece: US $ 100 – US$ 300 / Piece
Minimum Order: 5 Pieces

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White Sannen Goats Characteristics
Sannen Goats have some special characteristics which have made them different from other goat breeds. Physical characteristics of the Boer goat are listed below.

Sannen Goats commonly have distinctive pure white bodies. They possess long, pendulous ears like the Nubian goats. They are very hardy and can adopt themselves with almost all types of weather and climate.


Commodity: White Saanen Goats
Age: 3 to 6 months old
Average Weight 35 – 40 Kg each
Milking Capacity : 30 and more litres per day
Certification: Pedigree, Veterinary Certificate
Regularly vaccinated, wormed and feet trimmed
Breed Size: Large


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