Pigs for sale online

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Pigs for sale online

Price: US$195 – US$280 / Piece

Minimum  Order: 3 Pieces

Pig should be fed 18% crude protein. Farmers should not feed pig table scraps and garbage. For this farmers may be fall in danger. To farming, the pig should give the lettuce and other vegetables, but meat products are not appropriate. If the farmers give meat products the pig will put on too much fat and it will decrease the profit. Pig should feed 10-15 pounds of feed a day when it will 130 pounds heavier. To make a pig in a perfect weight, farmers should feed ½ cup of corn oil 2 times each day mixed with 1 egg 2 times each day and ½ cup of milk re placer powder twice a day,1 table spoon corn oil is also necessary. Proper and sufficient feeding brings success in pig farming.

To consider proper environment situation is very important to farming pig successfully. To farm pig farmers should make a pollution free environment. The pig industry needs a particular location. Without careful management of waste products, it may be very dangerous problem for child pig. It is a great and profitable process to make manure from the disposal of the pigs. It is very useful for agriculture. The environment of the outside and inside should protect all times because it is very essential to farming pigs. Inside environment is important for their health. The farming area should be made clean and dry. During the cold month, a heat lamp must be put and kept out of the north wind and south winds. Farmers should use straw as bedding during the winter. During summer season, it is very need that the pig has a place to lay in mud in the pen. If the pigs sweat or stay in a dry environment pigs will lose 5-10 pounds a day. So, always farmers should conscious about the pig’s health and always try not to sweat them. To sell pigs and to get a lot of money pigs should reach at least 220-295 pounds of weight.


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