Hereford Bulls for sale

$3,000.00 $2,000.00

Price: $2,000-$3,000

Breed: Hereford
Number for Sale: 35
Age: 10-13 months
Weight: 700-1000 lbs
Birth Weight: N/A
Condition: Weaned and on feed since 11/1/18
Vaccinations: Bovishield Gold 5 and 7-way blackleg at branding. Bovishield Gold one-shot and 7 way blackleg booster and ivomec at weaning.
Horns: Horns and Polled
Sell Part or All: Sell part or all



Hereford Bulls for sale


LT Cattle Co. has been selling commercial Hereford bulls over a time span of the last 60 years. My father started our current herd from about 40 registered cows that were bought from a local breeder by the name of Bob Royal. Over the years he bought herd bulls from breeders such as Roy Bradshaw, George Meeks, and Born Herefords. His ultimate goal was to raise high quality cattle that would produce high quality genetics.In recent years we have continued to strive for these goals. Our herd bulls have primarily come from the Barber Ranch located in Channing, Texas. The average EPD’s of bulls that we’ve bought over the last 15 years are as follows:


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