Eclectus parrot for sale

$2,300.00 $1,800.00

Price:…. $1800

Average Lifespan: 25 – 30 years.

Sexing: The male is Green & the female is Red, so it’s very easy to determine the sex just by looking at them.



Price per piece: US$ 1800
Minimum Order: 1 Piece


Welcome to Sport Light Aviary where your dream comes through. We offer smart, gorgeous, friendly Solomon Island and Red Sided Eclectus birds. They are real beauty and very sweet. They love food. We feed them 2 times daily. They eat roudybush pellets, and lots of vegetables and fruit. They love being close to your body. They are striking looking birds and can make wonderful pets. Shipping is available at buyers expense.

Trainability: Domestic hand-fed babies make excellent pets. Eclectus parrot are playful, outgoing, affectionate birds. They are probably the best parrot for kids because they are relatively small, and love to rough-house. They enjoy being held upside down, gently swung around, and wrestled with. They are very smart birds, often getting into trouble because of it. They are easy to trick train, and can be taught to put rings on a peg, coins into a box, or other fun and entertaining tricks. They enjoy trick training because it seems like a game to them. In fact, everything is a game to them. They will play with just about anything, and are very easy to please. Just be sure to give them lots of toys and things to do because they can be high-energy birds when they are young. They will mellow out with age, just like a puppy. Eclectus parrot generally loves to talk and sing.


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