Cows for Sale Registered Longhorns

$1,700.00 $900.00

Price: US$900 – US$1700

Minimum Order

Bulls: 2 Heads

Cows: 3 Heads

Heifers: 5 Heads




Breed: Longhorns
Ages: 4 months – 2 years.
Weight: Vary
Condition: Excellent
Vaccinations: Yes


Cows: 870- 1300 pounds

Bulls: 1610 – 2100pounds

Our Longhorn Prices
Bred Cows Starting @ $1200
Bred Pair Starting @ $1300
Weaning Heifers Starting @ $600
Bulls Starting @1700
Bred Heifers Starting @ $1000




 Longhorns Cattle

Mature cows, heifers 6 months to 2 yrs. All the sale cows have had calves yearly. Never had a problem calving and are good mothers. the same for the 2 to 3 yrs. They are all good to work with. No mean cows. They all have been exposed to my Top Spot Bull. He is out of a Scorpian daughter, and Top Tango By Top Caliber. These cows should have nice calves this year. All the cows and heifers are Trail Dust Breeding. I also have a 2 1/2yr reg. Brindle Bull, and a real pretty 1 1/2 black and white bull. check out our web site for sale animals, pedigree, ages.

Bred Cows Starting @ $1000
Bred Pair Starting @ $1200
Weaning Heifers Starting @ $550
Weaning Steers/Ropers Starting @ $275
Bred Heifers Starting @ $900
Weaning Bulls Starting @ $450
Yearling Bulls Starting @ $500
Semen Starting @ $400
Long Yearling/Older Bulls Starting @ $350


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