Amazon Parrot for sale

$1,200.00 $950.00

Average Lifespan: In captivity their lifespan is between 35-50 years.



Price per piece: US$ 950
Minimum Order: 1 Piece


Our duty is to meetup with the demands of pet lovers. We have gorgeous hand raised and well socialized Amazon birds available.  They stunning and very fast to learn, DNA tested and have perfect feather. So friendly with kids and other house hold pets. These birds are especially talented in learning opera and other types of singing, making them charming companions. Shipping is available at buyers expense.

Trainability: The Double Yellow Head Amazon is a very intelligent and outgoing bird. They can possess a strong personality but are easily trained, especially if you let them know that they are not the boss. A Double Yellow Head Amazon that is kept busy with plenty of wood to chew and an audience to entertain will make an excellent pet. Because this bird will be your pet for many years, it is important to work with and talk to your bird daily. By spending quality time with your bird, you will learn what your bird needs to keep them happy and healthy. This is our best selling Amazon Parrot.


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